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M-Live Merish4 Midifile - MP3 Player der Extraklasse mit eingebautem Mixer
Buy: $1200.0 CHF
Sound LAB 4 Channel Mono Mixer
Buy: $20.45 CHF
RFT MV810/2 early-70's HQ microphone preamps (Pair)
Buy: $890.0 CHF
Access Virus TI2 mit Rackohren
Buy: $1180.0 CHF
BNIB: Roland UA22 Duo Capture EX USB Audio interface
Buy: $112.01 CHF
Fractal Audio Axe-FX II 2 Mark 2 Effektprozessor
Buy: $1650.0 CHF
Tascam DR 05V2 Digital Audio Recorder With 4GB Micro SD Card
Buy: $99.47 CHF
DAP-Audio IMIX-7.3 Mixer 2 HE 19 Zoll
$260.54 CHF
NEU: Fluid Audio FX8EU FX8 Studiomonitor (1-Paar)
Buy: $397.89 CHF
Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A
Buy: $3335.06 CHF
Yamaha MG 12/4 Mixing Console - Analog 8 Kanal Channel Mixer -PA-DJ-Gesang
Buy: $98.11 CHF
Vermona TAI4 Transformer Isolated Audio Interface Module
Buy: $339.79 CHF
✯RARE!✯ PPG WAVE 2.2 with MIDI Synth *Vintage Synthesizer*
$10066.84 CHF
Presonus Audiobox USB Audio Recording Interface
$106.97 CHF
Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer Mischer Case Rack Schienen Live Band Musiker Tonstudio
Buy: $402.26 CHF
Casio DA-2 DAT Vintage Portable Pro Recorder/Player Audio Studio
Buy: $163.52 CHF
DPA 2011A d:dicate Microphone Cardioid (Niere) with Holder & Windshield
Buy: $635.0 CHF
Referb'd Vintage Grampain GR2  Ribbon Microphone - XLR -
Buy: $226.53 CHF
Audio-Technica AT 803s vintage condenser microphone Audiotechnica
Buy: $62.93 CHF
Behringer Behringer - UM2 U-Phoria USB Audio Interface
Buy: $35.97 CHF
SoundCraft SI Expression 1 Digital Pro Audio DJ Live Mixer VAT Included
Buy: $1812.26 CHF
Doepfer Doepfer - A-101-1v
Buy: $162.43 CHF
TL Audio M1-F Tube tracker Channel strip
Buy: $188.78 CHF
Korg R3 Analog Modelling Synth Synthesizer
Buy: $314.63 CHF
Yamaha O2R V digital/analog Audioswitcher 24/8/2 + 4x CD-AE-S incl. Flight-Case
Buy: $484.02 CHF
SoundLAB 4 Channel Mono Microphone / Line Mixer
$23.91 CHF
Korg Monotribe Analogue Ribbon Station Analog Midi Synthesizer / Drum Machine <br/> Buy with confidence 2 Year Peace of mind Warranty !!
Buy: $188.78 CHF
Shure KSM 44 A
Buy: $550.0 CHF
Buy: $44.05 CHF
Behringer MX9000 Version 2 Studio Mixer - Just Serviced - Excellent Condition
Buy: $459.36 CHF
Mackie 1642-VLZ Pro 16-Kanal/Channel Rack-Mixer Studio-Mischpult Keyboard Live
Buy: $315.05 CHF
Sonuus G2M Guitar MIDI Converter / Interface / Controller
Buy: $59.78 CHF
 Behringer MX882 ULTRALINK PRO 8-Channel Splitter/Mixer
Buy: $75.51 CHF
Audient iD4 USB Audio Recording Interface
$149.76 CHF
JLCooper Electronics Nexus 3x8 Midi Switcher (Vintage 1992)
Buy: $31.61 CHF
Audio Technica AT3035 microphone. 1of 2.
Buy: $144.73 CHF
Pultec Filter LCS-2 Vintage Rare
Buy: $1887.77 CHF
ROLAND S-550 DIGITAL SAMPLER Vintage + Discs works good
Buy: $325.95 CHF
Sennheiser D1 E945 Digital wireless microphone
Buy: $503.41 CHF
USBtribe USB MIDI Interface For Korg Monotribe
Buy: $49.08 CHF
Edirol M-16DX 2.0 - 16 Channel Digital Mixer and USB Interface (by Roland)
Buy: $352.37 CHF
Zoom Zoom - TAC-2R Thunderbolt Audio-Interface
Buy: $325.95 CHF
Ensoniq VFX - Vintage 1980s Wavetable Synthesizer
Buy: $346.09 CHF
M-Audio M-Track 2X2 | 24-Bit/192 kHz USB Audiointerface | NEU
Buy: $107.92 CHF
Vintage Vox Foundation 2x12 Oversized Guitar Cab
Buy: $616.67 CHF
Behringer 302 USB Xenyx Mixer + Tracktion 4 Audio Production Software
Buy: $62.91 CHF
Universal audio UAD Apollo 16 Mk2
Buy: $3083.36 CHF
Korg MicroKorg S Synthesizer & Vocoder (white)
Buy: $518.51 CHF
Alesis IO Hub - 2-Kanal Audio Interface für iOS & USB
Buy: $86.12 CHF
Shure M268 4 Channel Microphone Mikrofon Mixer
Buy: $81.76 CHF
Yamaha MV802 Rack mount mixer
Buy: $157.31 CHF
Lexicon I-ONIX U42S Digital Recording Interface USB Audio Interface
Buy: $212.57 CHF
Behringer BCA2000 B-Control USB Audio Midi Interface
Buy: $56.63 CHF
BITWIG Studio 8-TRACK - Digital Audio Workstation
Buy: $16.13 CHF
Alesis iMultiMix8 USB Mixer Mischpult mit iPOD iPhone Dockingstat.Audiointerface
Buy: $216.94 CHF
Boss JS10 Audio Player with Guitar Effects
Buy: $414.05 CHF
Roland SDE-2000 Digital Delay Rack Effect
Buy: $207.34 CHF
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (2nd Gen) Audio Interface
Buy: $352.38 CHF
Shure Compressor / Mixer FP51 Vintage Pro Audio Hardware Equipment High End
Buy: $271.44 CHF
M-Audio Keystation 61 MKII | USB/MIDI Keyboard | USB/MIDI Controller
Buy: $162.43 CHF
IK Multimedia iRig HD 2 Digital Guitar / Instrument Interface - iPhone iPad Mac
Buy: $89.34 CHF
Buy: $160.24 CHF
QUAD-CAPTURE USB 2.0 Audio Interface
Buy: $125.85 CHF
Musikstudio Kabine PRO 30 Soundproof booth recording
Buy: $1500.0 CHF
Korg M1 firmware OS upgrade: v 1.19
Buy: $21.8 CHF
shure pg-42 usb
Buy: $150.0 CHF
Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors Refurbished A1++ 2 Year Warranty Pair
$517.25 CHF
Referb'd Vintage Tannoy 1940's [mk1] Ribbon Microphone
Buy: $528.58 CHF
Sound LAB 4 Channel Mono Microphone Mixer With Effects
Buy: $25.8 CHF
Lexicon Lexicon - Lambda Studio USB Audio Interface
Buy: $116.64 CHF
M-Audio BX5 D2 (Paar) | BX-5 | Studio-Monitor | refurbished
Buy: $216.94 CHF
Digidesign 192 16 Channel Digital Audio I/O For Pro Tools
$566.32 CHF
Casio XW-G1 Groove Synthesizer NEUWERTIG!!!
Buy: $424.06 CHF
Behringer Behringer - UCA222 USB Audio Interface
Buy: $31.61 CHF
Korg Wavestation A/D Vintage Rack Synthesizer Vintage
Buy: $436.04 CHF
STUDER A800 MKIII Audio-Remote from API Neve Studio
Buy: $300.0 CHF
Dynaudio Acoustic BM12A / Paar
Buy: $1290.0 CHF
Audio Technica AT3035 microphone. 2of 2
Buy: $144.73 CHF
MODE MACHINES XOXBOX TB303 CLONE MK3 analog Synthesizer monophon Bass <br/> inclusive MODEMachines Case
Buy: $642.09 CHF
Premium Studio Monitor Stands: Speaker Stand for Monitors with Lifetime Warranty <br/> With FREE '15 Top Tips for Recording Vocals' eBook
Buy: $62.86 CHF
Refurbished Zoom UAC-2 USB 3 Interface
$226.53 CHF
Pioneer Toraiz As-1 Analog Synthesizer Dave Smith
Buy: $566.33 CHF
Jomox XBase 09 Drum Synthesizer Eprom V2.06 TR-909 1.Hand Neuwertig + Garantie
$654.07 CHF
Korg D1200 Digital Audio Studio Mixer mit Brenner
$358.65 CHF
Korg O3R/W Vintage Rack Mounted Music Synthesizer
Buy: $151.02 CHF
Buy: $1132.66 CHF
Shure Beta 91a. Superb Kick Drum Microphone. <br/> Uk seller! Fast dispatch! Grab a bargain!
Buy: $200.1 CHF
Kilpatrick Audio Phenol Patchable Analog Synthesizer
Buy: $982.09 CHF
Opcode Studio 3 with  6 OUT / 2 IN MIDI Interface
Buy: $34.61 CHF
Bastl MicroGranny 2.4 Distant Raver Granular Sampler
Buy: $151.02 CHF
Buy: $140.63 CHF
Roland Fantom-X7 Synthesizer Workstation
Buy: $2900.0 CHF
Lexicon Prime Time Model 93 Digital Delay Vintage Rare
Buy: $1384.36 CHF
Buy: $69.77 CHF
Audient iD14 10 In 4 Out USB Audio Interface With Scroll Control
Buy: $237.86 CHF
Yamaha 01V 96 V2 Swan Flight Case Audio Mixer (Hex)
$159.52 CHF
Korg Wavestation  Vintage Synthesizer Keyboard
Buy: $434.96 CHF
Buy: $325.95 CHF
Korg Monotron Analogue Synthesizer with MIDI in Mod
Buy: $151.02 CHF
Warm Audio WA12 MK2 Microphone Preamp <br/> B-STOCK ITEM
Buy: $464.39 CHF